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E\PCOS 2009


During E\PCOS 2009 Symposium, 25 invited papers and 20 posters have been presented to give insight into the latest technology achievements in phase change science.

Papers and Posters presented at E\PCOS 2009:

Invited Papers


Atomic and electronic structures of amorphous GST
  Dr. Jino Im, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University, Korea

Investigation of the structural order in amorphous GeTe-based alloys
  Dr. Carria, Università di Catania and MATIS CNR-INFM, Catania, Italy


Structural analysis of GeSbTeSe phase-change materials
  Toshiyuki Matsunaga, Materials Science and Analysis Technology Center, Panasonic Corporation , Japan

Density functional simulations of phase change materials: disordered phases of Ge8Sb2Te11 and Ag/In/Sb/Te alloys
  J. Akola, Institut fur Festkörperforschung, Forschungszentrum Jülich , Germany

Ab initio molecular-dynamics (AIMD) simulations of homogeneous and heterogeneous crystallization in phase-change memory materials: in silico design?
  Prof. S.R. Elliott, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge , England

Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Superlattice Ge2Sb2Te5
  Dr. Junji Tominaga, Center for Applied Near-field Optics Research (CAN-FOR), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

Crystallization characteristics of Ge-Sb and Ge-Te phase change materials
  Dr. Simone Raoux, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA

Atomic Layer Deposition of Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films
  Prof. Mikko Ritala, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland

Binary SbTe Phase Diagrams developed by Material Library Technique
  Dr. Ting Zhang, Laboratory of Nanotechnology, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information   Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,, China

Sub-picosecond non-melting structure change in a GeSbTe film induced by femtosecond pulse excitation
  Prof. Toshiharu Saiki, School of Integrated Design Engineering, Keio University, Japan

Bridging carrier transport and amorphous dynamics in phase change materials
  Prof. Andrea L. Lacaita, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Multilevel Phase Change Memory Modeling and Experimental Characterization
  Dr. Aggeliki Pantazi, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland

Reliability Characterization of Phase Change Memory
  Dr. Bob Gleixner, Numonyx, USA

The structure of the amorphous phase as the basis for the rapid change in DVD materials
  Dr. Shinji Kohara, JASRI, Japan

Bonding defects and bonding strength in liquid and amorphous SnSe2
  Dr. M. Micoulaut, LPTMC Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France

Electric resistivities of liquid Sb2Te3 and Ge2Sb2Te5
  Dr. Rie Endo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Employing advanced characterization tools for the study of phase change materials
  Dr. Carl Schlockermann, 1st Institute of Physics 1A, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany

Towards practical use of super-resolution readout media
  Dr. Takayuki Shima, Center for Applied Near-Field Optics Research, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

High capacity SuperRENS-ROM disc with InSb active layer: Towards 76 GB hybrid dual level.
  Dr. Berengere Hyot, CEA, LETI, MINATEC, France

100 GB rewritable triple-layer optical disk having GeSbTe films
  Dr. N. Yamada, Panasonic, Japan

Crystallization studies of doped SbTe phase-change thin films and PRAM line cells: Growth rate determination by automated TEM image analysis
  Dr. Jasper Oosthoek, Groningen University, The Netherlands

Size-dependent phase transitions and morphological control over phase change properties using colloidal nanoparticle building blocks
  Dr. Delia Milliron, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Investigations on Ge-Te-Si glasses and their suitability for phase change memory applications
  Dr. M. Anbarasu,Department of Instrumentation, Indian Institute of Science, India

Recent Advances in Conduction Mode Scanning Probes for Phase Change Probe Storage Applications
  Dr.Harish Bhaskaran, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland

Phase Change Materials: The Importance of Resonant Bonding
  Prof. M. Wuttig, RWTH Aachen University, I. Physikalisches Institut (IA), 52056 Aachen, Germany


Poster Session


Possibility of nanoscale amorphization of GeSbTe by femtosecond pulse excitation
  Y. Hongo, School of Integrated Design Engineering, Keio University 3-14-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 223-8522, Japan

Switching of surface plasmon resonance of a gold nanoparticle upon crystallization in a GeSbTe film
  H. Santoh, School of Integrated Design Engineering, Keio University 3-14-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 223-8522, Japan

A Model for Charge Transport in Amorphous GST Based on a Modified Variable-Range Hopping Process
  Fabrizio Buscemi, Advanced Research Center on Electronic Systems and Department of Electronics, Computer Science, and Systems, University of Bologna, I-40136 Bologna, Italy

Characterization of Phase Change Material (PCM) to TiW electrode contacts
  Deepu Roy, NXP Semiconductors, 5656 AE, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Model of Ultra-Fast Heating and Crystallisation in Phase-Change Media
  M.M. Aziz, School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Characterization of interface between amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 and TiN by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
  Doo Seok Jeong, Thin Film Materials Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul 136-791, Republic of Korea

Optical switching of epitaxial Ge2Sb2Te5 films
  Timur Flissikowski, Paul-Drude-Institut fuer Festkoerperelektronik,Berlin, Germany

Ultrafast measurements of optically induced linear birefringence in GeSbTe films
  Y. Liu, School of Physics, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Nanosecond switching in GeTe phase change memory cells
  G. Bruns, I. Physikalische Institut (IA), RWTH Aachen, Germany

Optical properties of post-annealed Ge2Sb2Te5 films
  Tamihiro Gotoh,, Graduate School of Engineering, Gunma University, Japan

Dynamics of the Negative Thermal Expansion in Tellurium based liquid alloys
  C. Otjacques, Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory, University of Liège, Belgium

Optimization of the Recording and Readout Performance of Phase-Change Media for Scanning Probe Storage Applications
  L Wang, School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Thermal resistance characterization of materials for Phase-Change Memory
  Enrico Varesi, Numonyx, Agrate Brianza (Milan), Italy

Simulation of Transport and Resistance Drift in amorphous Ge15Sb85
  Daniel Krebs, I. Physikalische Institut (IA), RWTH Aachen, Germany

Kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of crystallization in the phase-change material Ge15Sb85
  P. Zalden, I. Physikalische Institut (IA), RWTH Aachen, Germany

Molecular Beam Epitaxy of GST
  Wolfgang Braun, Paul-Drude-Institut f¨ur Festk¨orperelektronik, Berlin, Germany

Ab-initio study of the structural and vibrational properties of amorphous phase change materials: Sb2Te3, GeTe and InGeTe2
  S. Caravati, Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, ETH Zurich, USI Campus, Lugano, Switzerland

Novel crystal imperfection: transrotational nanostructure and its role for local amorphous – crystalline transitions and phase change materials
  V. Yu. Kolosov, Ural State University, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Preparation of amorphous chalcogenide alloys by twin roller quenching and thermal co-evaporation
  A. Pradel, Institut Charles Gerhardt UMR 5253 CNRS Université Montpellier, Montpellier cedex 5 France

Bulk synthesis and kinetic stabilization of metastable GST and GBT phases by stress and strain
  Matthias N. Schneider, LMU München, München, Germany

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