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E\PCOS 2006


E\PCOS 2006 was held as a joined conference between E\PCOS and IMST with the objectives to discover and exchange latest research and developments in magnetic, solid state and optical memories.

Papers presented at E\PCOS 2006:

Invited Papers


Why and How Phase-change Technology Alters Our Concept of Information.
  Stanford R. Ovshinsky, Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., USA


Electrical Switching in bulk chalcogenide glasses - the correlation between switching behavior and other material properties.
  S. Asokan, Indian Institute of Science, India


Current Reduction in Ovonic Memory Devices.
  W. Czubatyj, Ovonyx Technologies, USA


High Density Phase Change Recording for Second Generation Ultra Density Optical .
  Clare Davies Plasmon, United Kingdom


Ab initio-based simulations of electronic excitations in chalcogenide glasses .
  Prof. S.R. Elliot, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Super-Resolution Read Only Memory (ROM) Disc at the Blue Wavelength.
  Berangere Hyot, LETI, France


Re-Writable DVDs:what makes phase-change materials work they do.
  A.V Kolobov, University Monpellier II, France


Resistance-change devices based on solid electrolytes.
  Michael N. Kozicki, Arizona State University, USA


Progress of Phase Change Non Volatile Memory Devices.
  A.L. Lacaita, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


High power and wide wavelenght range AlInGaN laser diodes.
  Shinichi Nagahama, Nichia Corporation, Japan


High-speed DVD-RAM disk with a wide range of recording speed.
  Kenji Narumi, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Panasonic), Japan


Phase Change media for high-density and high-speed recording.
  Shuichi Ohkubo, NEC Corporation, Japan


Structural modeling of ovonic materials
  Mihai Popescu, National Institute R&D for Materials Physics, Romania


Scaling properties of phase change nanostructures and thin films.
  Simone Raoux, IBM Macronix Infineon, USA


Recent Progress in Understanding PC-Materials for Optical and Electronic Storage.
  Christop Steimer, RWTH Aachen, Germany


A 130 nm Technology node Phase Change Memory using Oxygen doped GeSbTe.
  Norikatsu Takaura, Hitachi Central Research Lab, Japan


Superlattice-like Phase Change Random Access Memory.
  Rong Zhao, Data Storage Institute, Singapore


Contributed Papers


Predictiong the performance of electrical probe storage on phase-change media.
  Mustafa M. Aziz, University of Exeter, U.K.


An experimental investigation on the origin of super-resolution effects of Te-based chalcogenide semiconductor films.
  Byung-ki Cheong, Korea Institute of Scinece and Technology, Korea


Effect of Sn and Zn doping on Phase Change Materials for Optical and Electrical Memories.
  Dimitri Z. Dimitrov, Materials Research Labs, ITRI, Taiwan


Local Annealing by E-Beam and in-Situ TEM of Amorphous Crystalline Transition in Chalcogenide-Based Flims.
  Kolosov V. Yu., Ural State Econmic University, Russia


An experimental Investigation on the Origin of Super-resolution Effects of Te based Chalcogenide Semiconducting Thin Films.
  Hyun Seok Lee, Korea Institute of Scinece and Technology, Korea


Phase Change Memory Device with U-shaped heater (PCM-U).
  Young Sam Park, Components Lab ETRI, Korea


Phase Change Materials for Super Resolution Microscopy.
  S. Petit, Center for Applied Near-Field Optics Research, Japan


Preparation and Investigation of Amorphous SnSe2 Thin Films with Potential Switching Applications.
  M. Popescu, National Institute R&D of Materials Physics, Romania


A Study to Optimize Sb-Te Layer Preparation for Super-resolution readout using PtOx Recodring Layer.
  Takayuki Shima, Center for Applied Near-Field Optics Research, Japan


Optical Routers based on Ovonic Phase Change Materials.
  David Strand, Energy Conversion Devices, USA


Phase Change Materials for Write-Once Blue Laser System.
  Po-Fu Yen, Research Labs, ITRI, Taiwan


In-Situ Growth of GeSB2Te5 Nanoparticles grown by Pulsed Laser Depostion and their Phase Change Electrical Charactersitics for Memory Applications.
  H.R. Yoon, Ewha Womans University, Korea


Novel Thermal Analysis helping the Development and Understanding of HD DVD Rewritable Disc corresponding to higher transfer rate.
  Kaiichiro Yusu, Toshiba Corporation, Japan

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