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E\PCOS 2005


The topics of E\PCOS 2005 covered the themes of “New concepts and applications for Phase-Change and Ovonic technologies - faster, cheaper, smaller”.

Papers presented at E\PCOS 2005:

Key Note Speakers


Opening Remarks - Some Scientific Issues.
  Prof. A. L. Greer, Cambridge Univ., UK


The Future of Ovonic Phase Change Optical and Electrical Devices.
  Dr. Stanford Ovshinsky, ECD Ovonics,Inc., USA


Phase-Change Thin Film and Incredibly Large Optical Nonlinearity.
  Prof. J. Tominaga, AIST, Japan


Phase-change Media of Optical Recording: Physical Properties, Characterization Methods, and High-end Applications.
  Prof. M. Mansuripur, Arizona Univ., USA


Closing remarks - Non-volatile phase change memory materials and their induced changes.
  Prof. M. Frumar, Univ. of Pardubice, Czech


Invited Speakers


An Alternative Concept for Phase Change Random Access Memory.
  Dr. K. Attenborough, Philips, Belgium


Optical Recording using a Near-Field Focusing Element.
  Dr. Dorothea Buechel, Segate, USA


High Speed Rewritable DVD.
  Dr. K. Ito, Ricoh, Japan


Random Signal Improvement od Super-RENS WORM Disk.
  Dr. J.H. Kim, Samsung Electronics, Korea


Modelling In-Se amorphous alloys.
  Dr. K. Kohary, Oxford Univ., UK


New Dielectric Material, Zirconium Oxide-based Film, for an Interface Layer of a Phase-Change Optical Disk.
  Dr. R. Kojima, Matsushita Electric, Japan


Nanometer-scale Mechanism of Phase-Change in Ge-Sb-Te Alloys Probed by XAFS.
  Dr. A. Kolobov, AIST, Japan


Analysis of the Crystallization Kinetics of Fast-Growth Doped SbxTe Films.
  Dr. B.J. Kooi, Univ. of Groningen, Netherlands


Initialization-free Method and Physical Mechanism of Phase Change Optical Disc.
  Prof. X.S. Miao, Data Storage Institute, Singapore


High Speed, High Areal-Density Recording with Blu-ray Compatible Optical System.
  Dr. H. Miyamoto, Hitachi, Japan


Over 100 GB Optical Phase-Change Disc System Realized by Near-Field Technology.
  Dr. A. Nakaoki, Sony, Japan


Phase Change Materials for Super Resolution in Optical Data Storage.
  Dr. L. Poupinet, Leti, France


Crystallization Behavior of Phase Change Nanostructures.
  Dr. Simone Raoux, IBM, USA


How should the Phase Change optical disc survive?
  Dr. E. Sahota, Hitachi Computer, Japan


High Throughput Synthesis and Sreening of Chalcogonide Materials for Data Storage.
  Dr. Hewak, Univ. Southampton, UK


50GB Write-Once Disc with Phase Change Recording Material.
  Dr. R. Tamura, Hitachi Maxell, Japan


Nano Recording Bits on Phase-change Rewritable Optical Disk.
  Prof. D. P. Tsai, Taiwan Univ., Republic of China


Unraveling the interplay of local structure and physical properties in phase-change materials.
  Prof. M Wuttig, RWTH-Aachen, Germany


High Speed Crystallization Characteristics of GeSbTeBi Materials Using for Next Generation DVD with Blue Laser and NA=0.65.
  Dr. K. Yusu, Toshiba, Japan

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