E\PCOS 2004


The topics of E\PCOS 2004 has focused on High Speed Phase Change Recording and on the latest advances in Ovonic Memories.

Papers presented at E\PCOS 2004:

The Ovonic Cognitive Computer - a New Paradigm.
  Stanford R. Ovshinsky


HD DVD Optical Technology Overview.
  Dr. Hisashi Yamada,Toshiba, Japan


Optically-induced Photo-darkening and Photo-crystallisation in Amorphous Chalcogenides Films.
  Dr. Tomas Wagner, University of Parubice; Czech Republic


Phase Change Materials: from Crystal Structure to Kinetics.
  Dr. Johannes Kalb, Harvard University, USA


Amorphous-to-fcc Transition in Ge2Sb2Te5 Thin Films: Kinetics and Effects of Doping.
  Dr. Stefania Previtera, IMM, CNR, Italy


The Kinetic Analysis of Phase-Change Data Storage Media.
  Prof. A. Lindsay Greer, Cambridge University, U.K.


Crystal Structure and its Thermal Behaviour of Ge8Sb2Te11 (GeTe:SbTe3=8:1), one of the Materials Suitable for High-speed and High-density Phase Change Recording.
  Dr. Toshiyuki Matsunaga, Matsushita Techno Research, Japan


In-situ TEM study of the Crystallization of Fast-growth Doped SbxTe Alloys.
  Dr. ir. Bart Kooi, University of Groningen; The Netherlands


Dynamics of Rapid Melting and Resolidification of Sb-based Phase Change Materials in Optical Disk.
  Dr. Berangere Hyot, LETI, France


The Effect of Boundary Thermal Resistance on HD DVD-ARW Optical Recording Media.
  Dr. Sumio Ashida, Toshiba, Japan


Ferroelectrics of Chalcogenides and Optical Super-Resolution.
  Dr. Juji Tominaga, Centre of Applied Near-Field Optics Research


Plasmonic Near-field Phase Change Recording.
  Prof. Din-Ping Tsai, National Taiwan University, Tawian


High Speed Reversible Phase-change Optical Recording in GeSb-based Alloys.
  Dr. Dimitre Dimitrov, ITRI, Taiwan


Can we Reach Tbit/sq.in. Storage Densities with Phase-Change Media?.
  Prof. C. David Wright, University of Exeter, U.K.


Media Development for DVD+RW Phase Change Recording.
  Dr. ir. Derk Jan Adelerhof, Philips, The Netherlands


Advances in Phase Change Memory Technology.
  Dr. Enrico Varesi, STMircoelectronics, Italy


A Novel Cell Technology for Phase Change RAM.
  Dr. Sung Lea Cho, Samsung, South Korea


Investigation on Non-rotation and Non-volatile Phase Change Memory.
  Prof. Chong Tow Chong, University of Singapore, Singapore


Lateral Design for Phase Change Random Access Memory Cells with Low-current Consumption.
  Dr. Peter Haring Bolivar, RWTH Aachen, Germany


Macroscopic Studies on Etching Characteristics of Phase Change Recording Films.
  Dr. Yumiko Anzai, Hitachi, Japan


Ultra-Multilayered Optical Recording Using Electro chromic Material.
  Dr. Ryuji Sato, NHK, Japan


Phase Change Memory: Rewritable Optical Disks and Electronic Non-volatile Memories.
  Dr. Takeo Ohta, ECD, Japan