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E\PCOS 2003


The topics of E\PCOS 2003 have addressed  "Advanced phase change recording" topics such as materials, break through technologies, media engineering, and dual layer and higher capacity systems.

Papers presented at E\PCOS 2003:

Explosive Crystallization Mechanism in Sb-Rich Eutectic Materials of Phase Change Optical Memory.
  Prof. M. Okuda, OTO, Japan


Studies of High-speed phase-change materials using Synchrotron Radiation.
  Dr. N. Yamada, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Japan


Phase-Change Material for High-Speed ReWritable Media.
  Dr. H. Tashiro, Ricoh, Japan


Novel Metal Nanostructure and 4th-Generation Super-RENS Optical Disk
  Dr. J. Tominaga, Nat. Inst. of Adv. Ind. Sci. & Tech., Japan


Dual wavelength static tester for direct analysis of phase change kinetics in high-density phase change data storage media.
  Dr. P. Haring-Bolivar, IHT/ RWTH Aachen, Germany


R/W in Volumetric Phase Change Disks with Optical Switching Layer.
  Prof. Han-Ping David Shieh, National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan


A high-speed and high-density optical-disk system for broadcasting use.
  Dr. N. Ishii, NHK, Japan


Phase-change rewritable dual-layer media.
  Dr. A. V. Mijiritskii, Philips Research Labs, The Netherlands


Phase Change Recording Medium of 20GB Capacity by using Wavelength of 405nm, NA of 0.65, and Light Incidence on 0.6mm-thick Substrate.
  Dr. K. Ichihara, Toshiba Corp., Japan


Key Technology for Ultra Density Optical.
  Dr. C. E. Davies, Plasmon Data Systems, United Kingdom


Comparison of Te-rich and Sb-rich Phase-Change Materials on Overwrite Characteristics and on Limitation in Number of Recording Layers.
  Dr. M. Terao, Hitachi, Japan


Trial for recording layer direct initialization of Phase Change disc.
  Dr. E. Sahota, Hitachi CP, Japan


Development of phase change materials by density functional theory.
  Dr. R. Detemple, IPI/ RWTH Aachen, Germany


Present and future applications of phase-change recording technology.
  Dr. H. Richter, Thomson, Germany


Simulation study on electrical, thermal, and phase-change behaviour of GST based memory devices.
  Prof. C.D. Wright, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK


In-situ TEM study of the crystallization of Ge2Sb2Te5 and Ag,In doped Sb3.5Te.
  Dr. B.J. Kooi, University of Groningen, The Netherlands


On Coding and Signal Processing for Storage Media.
  Prof. H-A. Loeliger, ISI - ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Development of Optical Disks from the Viewpoint of International Standardardization.
  Dr. Tomoyuki Toshima, NTT Electronics Corp., Japan

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