E\PCOS 2001


The Key Note Speech at the first E\PCOS 2001 was delivered by Dr. Stanford Ovshinsky, the father of Phase Change Technology.

Papers presented at E\PCOS 2001:

Optical Phase Change Memories - Basic Premisis, Future Possibilities

  Stan Ovshinsky, Energy Conversion Devices, U.K.


Next Generation Blue-Violet Laser Multi-Layer Optical Recording

  Dr. Isao Sato, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Japan


High-Density Recording and Plasmon Technologies in Phase Change Films

  Dr. Junji Tominaga, Laotech-Aist, Japan


Study on Optical Disk Testing Method

  Prof. Takahiro Kubo, Hiroshima Kokusai University, Japan


Phase-change optical disk and ultra short-pulse laser response for future advancement

  Dr. Takeo Ohta, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Japan


Crystallization mechanism in eutectic materials of phase-change optical memory

  Prof. Masahiro Okuda, Okuda Tech. Inst., Japan


Structural optical and mechanical properties of phase change materials

  Prof. Matthias Wuttig, RWTH-Aachen, Germany


Amorphization and crystallization simulation method and the optimum layer structure

  Dr. Takeshi Maeda, Hitachi Central Research Lab, Japan


A basic concept for next generation DVD.
  Mr. Toshiro Sugaya, Toshiba Corp., Japan


DVD-RAM 4.7: Media development and transition from lab to massproduction.
  Mr. Wayne Wang, Ritek Corp., Taiwan


Mastering DVD-RAM.
  Mr. Gerald Reynolds, Unaxis Nimbus, U.K.


X-ray analytics of amorphous and crystalline phases of GST/AIST Phase Change Materials
  Dr. Markus Michler, NTB, Switzerland


The phenomenon of the initialisation of phase-change optical memory
  Dr. Eiji Sahota, Hitachi Computer Peripherals, Japan


Simulation of the writing and erasing processes in optical discs based on phase change material.
  Dr. Ludovic Poupinet , LETI Grenoble, France


Local structure of amorphous and crystalline GeTe and GeSbTe
  Dr. Berangere Hyot , LETI Grenoble, France


In-line inspection and measurement of DVD-RAM.
  Ms. Loreta Dürre, Dr. Schenk GmbH, Germany


Electric Force Microscopy for the Characterisation of Phase-Change Storage Materials
  Dr. Jose Christobal Valera-Perez, University of Exeter, U.K.


Performance of PRML Channels with Mark Edge Jitter and Signal Non-Linearities in High-Density Phase Change Recording
  Dr. Venkatesh Vadde, Nokia Rearch Center, Finland